Still Alive

So I suck huh?….went into 2012 with this blogging shit and was excited over it. Now the end of 1st month is T-minus 2 days away and I only wrote on day 1. Lame. 

Why…no excuse. I suck at making the ole so craved for by us all “me time”….actually no I have that time its just not productive. 
Yes I’m a single mom with a job…fuck that excuse because I can’t use it! I get a mommy break every other weekend like clock work because my daughter’s father rocks. Sooo what do I do on my “free” weekends…Am I out shaking my ass. No. Am I canoodling with a boo. No. What I am doing is laying in bed, reading, cleaning, doing one of my fav things eating. I usually don’t even leave the house, sometimes don’t brush my teeth or hair. I love every moment of it until I’m in bed Sunday night saying fuckshit I did nothing this weekend and now tomorrow its the same grind day after day and I won’t have time for myself. 
Now don’t take this as me bitching like every vagina and boobs carrying human about life after child…its not that. Its about me realizing I need a hobby. 

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