My love for R and B music

Soooo I am a sucker for R&B…most people associate that with me being lonely, sad even maybe pathetic.  Some will say how can you listen to that music and not get depressed or not reflect on your past situations, etc… Don’t get me wrong I do that like the rest of us …DIFFERENCE is I don’t do it every time and I genuinely just like the music.

Have I ever looked like this picture when listening to this music – NOT AT ALL…although yes I am single.  Again…this is by choice my people.   So I was a little bored and this is what I realize I do when I listen to these songs; I interpret the words different from most…

“Can we tallllkk for a minute…girl I want to know your name. Can we tallllkk for a minute…girl I want to know your name” – Tevin Campbell

*Sure I need to smell your  breath & check what your teeth look like

“Love me now because I’m special not the average kind” -DeBarge

*Measurement is needed to confirm this sir

“I want you still..I always will because you’re the only one for me” – Brian McKnight

“I can’t wait another minute…I can’t wait another minute for your love” –Hi Five

“I got a thing and I can’t let go. ”  -Bobby Caldwell

“I’ve been watching you for very long…”, “I really want to meet you”, “I just want to grab you” – Jodeci

*Okay let me go ahead and sign this restraining order I already filled out a few weeks ago

“Every day I want to pick up the phone & tell ya that you’re everything I need and more, if only I can find you” -Case

*You’ll never find me buddy. 

“Tell me how long you been this way…maybe I can open up your heart” – Ruff Endz

*Around the time I saw your penis

“You are my are all I’m living for” -Freddie Jackson

*I think we should break up…you’re pathetic if you are only living for me

“We can make love or not at all” – Dru Hill

*How about just sex not love?

“I give good love, I’ll buy you clothes, I’ll cook you dinner too and pay your rent…” – Babyface

*Well then. Let me die now bc  a man like that is only in heaven

“Love should have brought you home last night…” – Toni Braxton

*I had made plans with my side dude and someone needed to be home with the baby

“Baby when I stop I just can’t stop” –Joe

*Oh.  Let me get your fingerprints and see if you wanted for rape somewhere


“Glad to be here alone with a lover unlike no other” -The Isley Bros

Ain’t got nothing on that last one…bc this so applies to me. Haha.  Okay this got corny about 3 in but I felt that wasn’t good enough.   Any who…I really do love this genre of music and it’s probably my favorite.   Again you care, don’t lie to yourself.


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