About Me

Call it OCD or just me being anal but certain things are required…no explanation just how I must have it. Judge me if you’d like. Here ya go:

Toilet paper rolling from the top not under.

Eggs in a glass bowl in the fridge.

Dvd’s alphabetized.

Soak white clothes for at least 30 mins during wash cycle.

I have a planner where I write down things daily. High of day, low of day type shit. I throw it away at end of year. Although may start keeping them.

Not miss even 1 minute of a movie.

Clothes color coordinated.

Write with pencil.


A non leaving the house lazy day every week.

Pumice my feet every other day.


Music daily.

Shoes in boxes, preferably with a label.

Hand written thank you notes.

Change my purse and wallet every few weeks.

Green tea daily.

Gift bag reuser.

Extra panties in my trunk.

Tell me something about you…

xo- JC


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. 1. I read your blog when I am having a rough day at work.
    2. Toilet paper rolling from the bottom not top. LOL

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