A reader made go back and read this today…. one word: yeah.


I miss someone today. If I’m honest with myself I’ve missed him this whole week. 

A little history:  I dated this person before, I saw this person here & there for the past year and every time I felt it…in my tummy, in my mind, down below but just left it there. I spent time with this person last week for the first time in close to a year…

So, this is the person that I miss. That’s a hard feeling for me…I don’t miss many things, except for Cinnabon’s at the mall by my house.  Now to get one its like a half hour drive. Anywho…lord I can make a blog just about Cinnabon’s too.

Back to where we were.  I stayed away from this person for so long, I was successful with it too.  Then the invite came -my first instinct was a no but then he kind of…

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