Why I Won’t Get Married (probably)

I know…I don’t want to get married because well no one has asked or because I don’t suck dick right or I don’t cook good. That’s what many would say…but I won’t get married because well -I just don’t see the need for it.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s a nice concept, standing in front of God, etc…he’s probably mad at me for a lot of things I’ve done and it’s not that I’m an atheist I just think he has a lot more important things to do then hear some vows being exchanged.


I will commit to you – monogamy, honesty, loyalty & all that other shit included.

I will clean – well because I am obsessed with it and a bit OCD.

I will sex you – why not, it’s fun.

I will cook – I love food and so does my daughter and we need it to live.

I will support you – a lot with this – but I will support your WISE, PRACTICAL & PRUDENT decisions.

I will be open with my finances and even share some with you.

I will also keep my own bank account, most likely NOT live with you and still go on girls night out and even weekend trips WITHOUT you.

That’s all I have.

xo – JIC