Still Alive

So I suck huh?….went into 2012 with this blogging shit and was excited over it. Now the end of 1st month is T-minus 2 days away and I only wrote on day 1. Lame. 

Why…no excuse. I suck at making the ole so craved for by us all “me time”….actually no I have that time its just not productive. 
Yes I’m a single mom with a job…fuck that excuse because I can’t use it! I get a mommy break every other weekend like clock work because my daughter’s father rocks. Sooo what do I do on my “free” weekends…Am I out shaking my ass. No. Am I canoodling with a boo. No. What I am doing is laying in bed, reading, cleaning, doing one of my fav things eating. I usually don’t even leave the house, sometimes don’t brush my teeth or hair. I love every moment of it until I’m in bed Sunday night saying fuckshit I did nothing this weekend and now tomorrow its the same grind day after day and I won’t have time for myself. 
Now don’t take this as me bitching like every vagina and boobs carrying human about life after child…its not that. Its about me realizing I need a hobby. 

My First…

New Year! New Me! Fuck that saying!

Don’t get me wrong you can change but you are still YOU!

At 1130pm on NYE 2011 I took a bath, lotioned up, put on my robe, turned off the lights and laid in bed. I didn’t turn on the tv to check to see the progress of Dick Clark’s speech therapist or what Lady Gaga was wearing. I laid there, texted my closest friends & family then silenced it and put it away. I said a quick prayer (no not the norm) and said tomorrow is just another day.

And that it is…I woke up, put on some jazz, made breakfast and found this website when I was looking thru some blogs. I said this could be fun!

So here I am. I don’t know if I will be any good at it but I can tell you I’m typing this with a lil smirk on my face, this could be fun. Journals are so 2011! Not sure what I’ll do on here exactly but we’ll just wait and see.

Let me let you know…I am a single 30 year old woman with a 3 year old daughter so my thoughts, rants can go absolutely anywhere!