Would I Rather?

Be too hot – Be too cold

Get even – Get over it

Be able to talk to animals – Be able to speak all languages

Read minds – See into the future

Sneeze all the time – Hiccup all the time

Know when you’ll die – Know how you’ll die

Private island – Private jet

Gummy bears – Gummy worms

Detect a lie – Get away with lies

Never hear music again – Never read a book again

Lose your sense of smell – Lose your sense of taste

No internet – No AC

Put a stop to war – End world hunger

Have a personal chef – Have a housekeeper

Fulfill your biggest wish – Resolve your biggest regret

Sail around the world – Climb Mt. Everest

Never use social media again – Never watch tv again

Always 10 min late – Always 20 min early

Mexican takeout – Chinese takeout

Do high school again – Do college again

Have another baby – Have another pet

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