I went to “church”

Yup you read it right… I went to “church” why the quotation marks because it’s not called church, it’s called a meeting but who would read this if I put I went to a meeting.. exactly.

So I went to a meeting, I actually been to a few now. But this is the first one I went to alone. It was weird, I started getting ready and then realized what I was doing and just said “okay, guess I’m going all by myself this week”. It was different. I have figured out something though..I’m not a fan of organized religion nor a fan of being “brought in” which is how a man called it when I was at this meeting this past week. I hated him instantly. But anyways -I hate that religion separates people, it turns people hateful and it’s also not very compassionate.

So first show me how you treat other people. Show me how you love all his people. Show me your compassion. That’s what I’m interested in..not what you have to tell but in how you choose to give and live.

Another thing I’m not a fan of is being told I wasn’t good enough at birth or being saved from decisions I didn’t make and I don’t want to pay for a piece of fruit, I never ate. It’s just not logical to me and if it’s logical to you, cool.

I guess I’m a creature of a emotion and reason. I will read the bible and likely soon and I will look at it with a critical eye. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime.. check this quote -LOVE IT!


xo – JC