Why I don’t follow my boyfriend on social media.

Social media is how we met but I refuse to let it be why we end.

Social media has taken over many of our lives, yes I can admit it, even mine.  I’ve taken time away from it, I’ve deleted it but I always come back to it.  Why? 

Is it because everyone is doing it; telling us about their lives, letting us view their intimate photos, etc.  Or is it because it gives us the attention that many of us seek.  Or is it because it makes you forget about your own reality a bit?

My answer as to why..is all of the above.  but mostly the last one. My job is stressful…so yes I want to get lost in someone else’s problems, rant, life…for a few minutes, every now and then.

Tweet Tweet
Something you want to vent about but maybe not to anyone you know…tweet it. 140 or less characters out into the universe, sounds great to an introvert like me. My first go at twitter was fun, it was ratchet, unfiltered; much like my alter ego was let loose. 600+ followers including some famous ones.
I deleted it. For him, I know how “basic chick” of me but you know what oh well…he hated how I was on there, the things I’d share and discussions I’d partake in. I understood it as a taken women I shouldn’t tweet certain things where someone can assume. But we also weren’t at the place in our relationship, where I was confident in the relationship, to change how I tweeted. I saw it way to often on the feed and even ridiculed it myself.
I went over a year without it. I’m back now…doing it a bit different this time around. Not caring about the number of followers, or being part of the crowd. I now follow motivators, feminists, bloggers, comedians, news. I’ll admit not as “entertaining” but I still love to tweet my thoughts out into the universe with no feedback and if I do get feedback, it’s from strangers that I could care less about.

Simple. It started this whole thing. Whether its rekindling friendships from middle school or keeping in the loop with friends and family in other states/countries, we all have a facebook. Even our parents and grandparents. It’s the easiest way to show people that you are okay, this is my child, my dog, etc.
You post a status update and you do want feedback or even a call/text… facebook.

Following someones life in pictures only. Beyond dope. I mean really, its so cool to me and not to forget obsessed with the filters.

So now you know my insight on the different outlets, lets go back to the title…why I don’t follow him on social media?

I’m a complimenter, I always have been. I want to be a person that makes someone feel good about themselves. And guess what, I didn’t go blind because I have a boyfriend. I appreciate the hell out of people but we all have our moments of weakness, sensitivity, curiousness…me included. And its during those down moments that I don’t want to see the pictures that he “likes” and vice versa. I’m sure you all think I’m jealous or weak minded but I know I’m not. I’m not going to open the door for doubt though, that’s called stupidity.

Relationship has been going on 2 years now, communication has begun to lag here and there like most this far along. I don’t want to assume what that update or tweet meant or if it was a “sub” at me because we happen to be in a argument or whatever. Because of that, I don’t want to see his status updates. We can talk about each others day at the end of the day when we are sitting on the couch or lying in bed.

I know what yall are thinking.. what does “he” think about all this. He disagrees with my reasons and if it was up to him would follow me on all of them. Guess what “it’s ok to disagree”.

Simply put -we can share what we want to share… and guess what it doesn’t have to be every little thing that crossed our mind throughout the day or our selfies.

I feel my relationship is healthier for it. But as pops would say…. TO EACH THEIR OWN.