Woke up today with two precious people in my life and one of the first things I did was fill out a new year declaration on Instagram ( http://instagram.com/p/xT8XOINrxl/ ). I also deleted the 4 drafts I had on here that I continued to go back to for the last 2 months.


So something I’ve never done is make goals. I’ve tried changing, I’ve tried resolutions. .. but I’ve never tried goals. Where the fuck have I been? I’m 33 and never had goals, I just lived. Thats probably why I haven’t finished my degree or made something official in my name. So I’m trying something different because if I don’t, I can’t blame anyone but myself.

I will go into this year with what I used to have and used to cherish; my optimism, faith and trust. I hope to leave behind my resentment, negativity and bitterness.

I will work on loving the person I see in the mirrors because that is something I used to be so proud of being able to do.

I will cherish my time but also guard it. I will spend it doing what puts me at peace, what makes me happy and what keeps me optimistic. Reading, making memories with loved ones, eating, writing, helping others.

I will cook again. Something I used to do so much more and that I stopped for no good reason other than being too “rushed/busy”. But with me getting better at how I spend my time, I will get back to cooking again and soon.

Cooking more will go back to eating better. I also will add exercise in there even though just typing it makes me cringe, I will do it more.

I will say no to things instead of maybe, because if it isn’t a definite yea…its a no.

I could go on and on but then this would turn into a draft, which I actually hate. I want to give my time to one thing until completion before starting something new. That’s another goal.

It boils down to making good habits and habits take around 30 days to stick whether it’s starting new or breaking ones. Remember these are goals being synonymous with habits and not to be confused with a resolution because we know those don’t work.



My First…

New Year! New Me!  Fuck that saying!

Don’t get me wrong you can change but you are still YOU! 

At 1130pm on NYE 2011 I took a bath, lotioned up, put on my robe, turned off the lights and laid in bed.  I didn’t turn on the tv to check to see the progress of Dick Clark’s speech therapist or what Lady Gaga was wearing.  I laid there, texted my closest friends & family then silenced it and put it away.  I said a quick prayer (no not the norm) and said tomorrow is just another day.  

And that it is…I woke up, put on some jazz, made breakfast and found this website when I was looking thru some blogs.  I said this could be fun!

So here I am.  I don’t know if I will be any good at it but I can tell you I’m typing this with a lil smirk on my face, this could be fun.  Journals are so 2011!  Not sure what I’ll do on here exactly but we’ll just wait and see. 

Let me let you know…I am a single 30 year old woman with a 3 year old daughter so my thoughts, rants can go absolutely anywhere!