This Writing Thing.

I get a lot of emails, texts, calls asking if what I write about are my own experiences.

Short answer, yes.
I don’t have the best memory so there are times when I’m talking to my family or friends, reading a book, or watching a movie that triggers some thing in my memory that relates to my life. Which then gets me to start writing about my experience. I’m proud to admit that because these experiences have made me who I am.

So then once I say yes, I then get asked “what if someone judges you?”

Honestly, I could care less of how I’ll come across. And either way, I hate judgemental people.

So, yes I’m obviously a pretty open person but I am a private person too, believe it or not. You’ll notice with my gaps in writing when I have someone special because I do hold that close.

Also when I write it doesn’t mean I’m going through these things at that exact time. It could of been days, weeks, even months prior. I’ll also tell y’all that I don’t even hit publish on all of the things I write; also some are handwritten in actual journals and meant for my eyes or my daughters eyes when shes of age.

What is dope and unexpected with my writing is when someone tells me that I have helped them get through something or inspired them to become more open. This is the ultimate compliment and surprises me every time. It was never my intention to do anything with my writing but have it as my own release so helping someone is a major bonus.

And for those that may get offended for playing a role in these writings… You should’ve played your role in my life better. Ha!




I know what you are thinking & it’s not that.

I like to believe that I keep it pretty real to myself whether good or bad.  As I’ve also expressed in this here blog, I have been quite lucky in my life when it comes to men and my experiences with them.  I’ve led the “ship” in most of them and ended up hurting and not being hurt. The one question I am asked is if they were such good experiences what happened?  My answer is always “it just wasn’t there”.

“IT” defined as the passion, the enrichment, the completion, the unconditional, the loyalty, the honesty, the respect… all of DAT is under the “it” I need and the it that I want in order for a long-term relationship.

I just want someone who “gets” me. I recognize I am hard to understand/define but I am an open book about myself -if you actually listen, pay attention all while not ignoring you will be able to GET me.  Then you will know pretty quick whether or not I am for you and if I’m not… 

let me go. Please.