I know what you are thinking & it’s not that.

I like to believe that I keep it pretty real to myself whether good or bad.  As I’ve also expressed in this here blog, I have been quite lucky in my life when it comes to men and my experiences with them.  I’ve led the “ship” in most of them and ended up hurting and not being hurt. The one question I am asked is if they were such good experiences what happened?  My answer is always “it just wasn’t there”.

“IT” defined as the passion, the enrichment, the completion, the unconditional, the loyalty, the honesty, the respect… all of DAT is under the “it” I need and the it that I want in order for a long-term relationship.

I just want someone who “gets” me. I recognize I am hard to understand/define but I am an open book about myself -if you actually listen, pay attention all while not ignoring you will be able to GET me.  Then you will know pretty quick whether or not I am for you and if I’m not… 

let me go. Please.


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  1. A Admirer who shares your passion says:

    “IT” is a very important thing to have with someone. That very special connection that you seem to have with that one person, but even though you have “IT” with that special someone is it enough? It may be that driving force that brought you together with that person but will it sustain you? Or does it require more? A relentless effort, a passion that despite any obstacle or conflict you are willing to go through hell and high water because you know without a doubt that person is “IT”

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