I’m a Mom

So I’m a mom.  I guess some think I don’t talk about her enough or that I am hiding her.  That’s not the case AT ALL.  Jaelyn is 3 years old and my WHOLE LIFE. 

I am fortunate enough to be able to still be my own person though.  A lot of mothers are not able to do this and have even told me that they wish they could do this.  They get completely lost in their child that they lose themselves and who they want to be & give up things that make them happy.  Yeah I haven’t done that & I don’t think that makes me any less of a mother.

It’s simple, If I’m not happy that will show to not only my daughter but everyone.  What kind of message is that.  Even if I was married with a partner to help me daily; I wouldn’t want to just be a mom.  I would want to keep my career, that I genuinely like.  My goal is to raise a strong, independent woman who will find her own happiness within herself; before being able to find it anywhere else.

If I forget to take care of myself, do things I like first…I will in the long run resent my own child.  Trust me, I’ve spoken to plenty of parents of older kids, adults…this is the one mistake they wish they would have never had.  They lost 18 years of their life & when the child leaves to college they felt lost and then began to attempt to be themselves. 

I have a couple of different groups of friends; I have a few social media sites I play with….some involve Jaelyn and some do not. Why would my single friend want me to talk about the issues I have with keeping a toddler in her bed at night or her eating habits. They aren’t interested in that. I have other ppl I could talk about those things with.

Facebook – YES. Probably ridiculously & annoyingly so if you ask my friends on there.  Every one that is my friend of Facebook I know personally & my page is private from the public.  You’ll find pictures of her, etc.

Twitter – NO. These are strangers..have I been able to build relationships from there, yes & he or she know about Jaelyn.  It’s almost like my alter ego. You throw a 140 character out to strangers.  Do I do it for a reaction yup.  Is that stupid? Probably. But I don’t care.  Don’t get me wrong. I flirt, I’m single so why not.  There are some beautiful people on that thing. It’s entertainment. That is it. Any one that looked at my Twitter profile, can click on this blog & see I speak of her on this, here & there. 

Instagram – NO. Dude, it’s the filters. I’m obsessed. It’s my own little photo album. Plain& simple. I could make my change private and put Jaelyn on there but she doesn’t need filters, she’s perfect. LOL.

I want Jaelyn to respect me. Do I flirt -Yes…. that’s normal and healthy. Am I showing my goods in any of these sites, no. Am I sending nudes out…no, well…I mean I haven’t done that to date.

Basically I’m sure some will not agree with this & that is fine you don’t have to.  I am raising my daughter, not you.  Happy Fuckin Mother’s Day to me EVERY DAY!

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