I’ve been trying to write for a while now; I come and I type a few sentences. A sentence that makes no sense with the one before it. I’m in a weird spot, a spot I’ve never been in, a spot I don’t even know how to describe. I have so many different thoughts, at the same time.

I’ve been broken before but this time it was a break that I knew was forthcoming.

Many tend to put the people in their live’s on a pedestal, a pedestal of different heights but a pedestal none the less. Let’s give ourselves some credit, if we couldn’t put the person we CHOOSE to be in our life on a pedestal of some kind, why do they deserve to be in our life at all, right?

I say all this to say, a pedestal is meant to be used as a base, a support not an award for someone that hasn’t reached the qualifications. Anyway, yeah I’m not ready to write.



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