Flaws…fun sometimes

We all have them FLAWS…sometimes we see them as flaws, sometimes we don’t and others do. Either way..we do ALL have them.  Let me tell you some of mine because… well, why not?

I like being alone A LOT ..an introvert at its best
– I need it to be sane. I need that time to just reflect, forget the day’s BS. Catch up on TV, read, social networks, movies. Just alone.

I eat horribly and think drinking green tea will make it better
– I drink green tea and really feel it counteracts with the bad eating habits better. I really do believe this. I’ve gotten better -I have given up pork & red meat along with cut down on cheese.

I’m a smart-ass/sarcastic
– This is fun… I love it about myself BUT many do not.

I believe that you can NOT do something but I CAN still do it
– I’m a flirt…it’s my personality. I’m outgoing, along with a smart ass & sarcastic. You likely aren’t and therefore can’t get away with flirting the same way. Deal with it.

I don’t forgive
– It’s possible that it’s the atheist in me. I likely won’t hate you though ..and you can even stay in my life but it will be held against you forever.

I’m logical/rational
– My feelings aren’t shit if I don’t believe them or trust them myself. Therefore my heart won’t make decisions for me.

I’m sure there are a lot more but that’s all I can think of right now that are character driven not physical.

So what are your flaws? Do you even know them? Have you been able to accept them?

You should. They are you.

xoxo -JC

2 Comments Add yours

  1. A Admirer who shares your passion says:

    My flaw is feeling like there is that one perfect person that you just connect with like no other.Your soulmate so to speak. Its just something you feel about that person. A passion you share with them that words just can’t explain.

    You know everything isn’t perfect and you have various difference and issues but you share a unique connection and love that most people will never find in a lifetime of searching and that in itself is worth fighting whatever obstacles may come your way.

    Simply put my flaw is my feelings for you.

    1. msjadore says:

      Wouldn’t call that a flaw..

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