Falling in LOVE is so dope.  Falling out of it is horrible. 

I have fallen and it’s been quick.  I give people the benefit of the doubt…I start off with full trust with my heart on my sleeve.  I hate it about myself. BUT -I do it without even knowing I am doing it. 

It’s possible that because of the falling IN is like this that the falling OUT can happen without much looking back. It makes me start to question everything from day 1. It keeps me from being able to focus on the good and not the bad and I hate this about myself.

I’m pretty good about analyzing myself, being honest about what I discover and expressing it BUT this confuses me. Trust is supposed to be built so why do I give it so freely. Love is supposed to grow over time so why do I let the “honeymoon” stage” take over my normal HIGHLY rational mind.

Maybe I am a hopeless romantic. Or just bipolar. Or just haven’t found the one to KEEP me IN LOVE. If I could choose my diagnosis…I choose the latter.

xo -JC

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  1. Secret admirer says:

    What’s your definition of love? Because what I believe true love to be, there isn’t any way to fall out of it. It isn’t a season that comes and goes or something you obtain in different people you meet throughout your life. It’s a special feeling and emotion reserved for that special person and once he or she has it, it will forever be tied to them but maybe your definition of true love is different then mine.

  2. msjadore says:

    I can dig your take and yes I can see the “forever tie” to that person. But I still don’t believe that love is enough to keep two people together. So maybe its not falling out of love more than forgetting the love…

    1. Secret admirer says:

      True Love is more then enough because it encompasses all the other things you need. Agape- selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love. The highest type of love.

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