Appreciate You

Yes I am beautiful and so are you.
Nobody tells you that it’s okay to call yourself beautiful, but it is. Look at that mirror and every mirror you pass today, every window that shows your reflection; smile at your beauty.

Yes I have made mistakes and yes I have flaws and so do you.
It’s okay to to pat your own back, to write down your accomplishments, your positive traits and ignore your mistakes, your flaws sometimes; grab a pen & paper already.

Yes I’ve received compliments and automatically thought they must have an ulterior motive, you have too.
Stop it. Accept that compliment graciously. Maybe the person giving you the compliment isn’t wanting anything in turn but just simply appreciating someone else; say thank you.

Don’t take it as you being conceited or ego-driven. Take it as self-love…it is your first and last love.

Appreciate yourself and you are honoring your soul. Remember smile, write and say thank you. Enjoy it!

xo- JC


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