The Unspoken Rule

Relationships are hard; can’t get any simpler than that statement. And I mean ALL relationships not just spouses but also the relationships between friends, family and co-workers.

I’ve always been one to walk away pretty easy from relationships that are one sided or ones that don’t enrich me. What’s the point of doing things for someone when they don’t even think enough of you to do the same?

Now with that said; I do understand that we all have different personalities, that some people just don’t “get it”. They don’t know how to be compassionate or show their emotions…whatever it might be. And I will hold your hand as if you’re a baby taking the first steps but guess what I can only hold your hand for so long before I get tired, before I feel taken advantage of.

I’m done crossing oceans for people that wouldn’t even jump a puddle for me.

So don’t be surprised when I start changing, when you feel something isn’t right. You may actually be right…If you’re still in my life, relax, let me be and humble yourself because
You Get What You Give

xo- JC

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