I’ve never been one to make resolutions for the New Year but being how challenging 2013 was to me I decided to change that up.

-learn to say no without explaining myself
No reason for this its just a necessity for all of us.
-think before I act or say
With this also comes to stop thinking if I don’t plan on acting.
-stay in better touch
I’m horrible at calling and writing ppl in my life who I need in my life. I need to let them know more.
-read more
Because getting lost in a fictional life is fun and relaxing.
-don’t stress about things I cannot change or prevent
Work, people’s personalities…so many things that I either deal with or walk away from. Simple.
-explain my anger, don’t express it
Self explanatory and kinda goes back to the think before I act.

-cherish every day
Recent health scare with my daughter really has put this in perspective.
-put my phone down
Should be a given.
-be more patient
The never ending “why’s” is a easy opportunity to teach the right way. Reading and math fall under this too.

I will also be a better girlfriend, daughter and sister. I’m writing this in bed in NYE about to nap to be able to stay up till the new year. So I won’t list those out right now…

Happy New Year

xo- JC

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