How lucky are we to meet such a variety of different people in our life, each uniquely bringing a special gift for you. I know what you may be thinking… my ex gave me no gift – but what if even the bad is a gift. A gift that taught you a lesson or maybe taught you to listen to your gut? So yes, a gift none the less. What is even more lucky are the connections we gain from some of these people; whether spiritually, emotionally or physically or even all three in one -these are the people we will hold onto forever.

Calmness when in their presence brings the ability to ease your anxiety, your nervousness & worries. Calmness is a mastery – your mood will no longer shift based on insignificant actions. Keyword “insignificant” – it’s okay to feel emotion with this person but it doesn’t make you hate them or halt the relationship.

Free flow of your thoughts, your wants, your needs are just flowing from you. We are all guilty of holding back at times but around this one – you are free. You are able to talk your shit, maybe you’ll sweat doing it or even turn red but you are talking it and that is a triumph on it’s own.

Familiarity when you see or even hear them, it is like you are seeing a mirror image of yourself. You don’t have to express yourself because they simply know it, whether by just looking at your face or even hearing a difference in your voice. They understand your moods and move accordingly. One of the dopest feelings is looking at someone and being able to tell what they are thinking then a silly face comes between the two of you that just melts your heart.

Exploration of your inner self is a constant thing because of this person. They make you think of shit you’ve never thought of before whether something simple as a new food or something deep like trying to understand why you are the way you are. You want to explore deeper and deeper.

Silence isn’t a scary thing with this person – with this person it comes with affection and love. No words have to be exchanged and the silence isn’t awkward, there is no need for filler words and hearing their breathing is actually a welcomed activity. Have you ever been seduced by silence? It will rock your world.

So yes, if you have this in even one person in your life, you are lucky.


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