Sanity while Relationship-ing It.

First. Yes I know relationshiping is not a word I simply like it.

As my bio says I’m single so not sure who I think I am with this ‘rambling’ but I do make notes after each ‘experience’ I’ve had with boys & men.  You might read this, laugh, roll your eyes, whatever..because how am I giving tips and am single…

Simple I’ve chosen to be single.  Have I been cheated on, yes because he had an addiction (not my fault).  Have I been dumped, yes but I led him to do it (purposely).  The following is not how to get married.  More like a maintaining your sanity while in a relationship; my famous disclaimer….this is all “in my opinion” and what I TRY to do in every relationship! 

Support.  Do NOT disagree in public.  Be the #1 fan, supporter in front of people. Argue or speak your opinion at home…of course this is if he or she is not putting you down or disrespecting you in public, if that’s the case handle it in public.

Eyes.  When you speak look in the eyes so the person listening knows you talk truth.

Consistency.  Keep it how it IS so you never hear how it “used” to be.

Promises.  DON’T make them.  Just give your word while having eye contact and hold yourself to your word.

Romance.  Its not only a man’s job…women need to do it too! With that is COMPLIMENTING!

Friends.  HAVE them.  Don’t make him your best friend, keep some things private.  Get out of the house and don’t “check in”.

Assume.  A horrible horrible thing.  Just ask and not via text or email; ask IN PERSON.  Trust your gut/intuition when you are looking in the eyes…an intuition doesn’t lie.

Honesty.  Don’t lie EVER.  Unless its a positive surprise for your spouse. Like a gift, food or a threesome.

Sex.  If you don’t want to “get yours” then don’t do it but know there could be consequences if its more than 3-4 days, know that.

Money.  Have your own.  Split the bills if you are living together so one doesn’t feel obligated since the other is “paying your way”.

I’m only 30 so I’m sure there are others I have no experience with so I’ll leave that for the elders. Ha!  I even think this could be a relationship amongst friends minus the SEX one above.


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  1. KCarter says:

    You may be a “chick that confuses herself daily” but from ur post u seems to know what u are talking about. Good for you! I wish more females were as astute as you seem to be…new for ’12 relationshiping is now a word lol

    1. msjadore says:

      Thank you so much. I don’t have much a following and been slacking on writing more. Working on getting better on that. Let’s cross our fingers it goes into the dictionary, haha!

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