What I Miss

As I’ve said before….the whole “I miss you” is very hard for me to say.  I miss my daughter when she’s at her dad’s, I miss my family in NY & DR -barely though.  I can tell you I do miss some things about being with a significant other, this isn’t even one person.  These are things in general I’ve done in the past relationships that I miss…

  • security
  • the smell of that other person -especially after it stays on your skin
  • morning sex
  • cleaning the house then stopping for making out
  • getting my hair washed
  • the taste
  • cooking together
  • watching them sleep (non psycho way) but just happy that they are relaxed
  • wrestling
  • lazy days in bed
  • the making up after an argument
  • shopping for each other
  • wearing his boxer briefs
  • role playing
  • planning our future if we won the lotto
  • meeting the friends/family of that person & understanding that person even more

The most thing I miss is that feeling of falling in love…now I don’t know if I’ve ever been in love but that “feeling”.

Yeah I miss that shit.

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  1. Yeah I miss that as well. I can’t get enough of that. Well said.

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