Who’s to Blame?

On twitter recently one of my faves (@yesImthatdope) asked:

You talk…flirt…text…hang out. THEN find out they have a significant other.  Your fault for not asking? Or his/hers for not saying?

This shit tore me.  I couldn’t answer.

I personally don’t give out information freely so I can’t be mad at someone else for doing the same BUT…I do know that person shouldn’t have been in that situation anyway.  Could I have asked yes but I’m giving that person the benefit of being a good person.  We are getting to each other so this is normal.

It should have stopped at flirting.

Flirting is okay.  Yes, I said it & yes I mean it.  I really do.  Blame my dad, who was the biggest flirt and who I called him out about it.  He told me “Flirting is a natural thing, you are born with it, it’s part of your personality”.  I believe it…I have it.

I know this sounds weird to some.  I personally like my ‘weird’ title.  Flirting is okay when it ends there, before the number exchange.  I don’t consider it disrespectful while in a relationship as long as you have the ability to stop.  Being able to stop though….is another trait.  It’s not for the non confident, not for the one with low self esteem.  Those won’t be able to stop and leave it there.

Flirting is even good for relationships.  Separate post maybe.

Okay, I went off on a tangent a bit there.

My answer….the person to blame is the one with the significant other BUT that person isn’t to blame for not telling me, that person is to blame for putting themself in that situation.

Final answer.

x0, JC

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