The Line

So you meet someone.  You click.  Shit is going good.  You start getting to know them better – start to know their thoughts, values, opinions, you know all that ‘important’ stuff.  Then it comes to the point where you have to decide what to do with that person.

Is this person going into a friend zone or into a let me cuddle you zone?

Do you genuinely like this person AS IS or the potential he/she could be?

Is it just the idea of that person?

Will you take this person on as a project of your own?

These questions really should be asked in the above order.  We can’t give people expectations on their potential that YOU decided they have or that YOU decided you can see in them.  THEY have to see that potential and want to get there on their own, maybe with a little push at most from you.  A little, let’s call it a nudge not a push.  That is when this person COULD turn into a project…that is is stupid & one of the worst things when it comes to a human being.


..if these questions never come to mind at any time when meeting a new person…does that mean the person is the one?

Most importantly… WHEN do we have to know these answers  by?

xoxo – JC

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