I know I’m not the only one.  Thinking that that getting “naked” with someone…meant sex, foreplay… that had to mean that I was opening up, that I was letting that person in.

False. That’s too easy. 

Take off your clothes -you do it everyday to get in the shower…EASY.  Have sex -you’ve done it before (most likely) …EASY.

Being naked, truly naked.  Is opening up your soul to someone -including all the things that run through your head, the things that scare the fuck out of you, the things that surprise you when they come to your mind, the things that you pray right after to STOP thinking about.

Sharing your thoughts, fears, wants, dreams, hopes, fantasies….that shit is being NAKED.

I’ve never been naked…I want to be naked.

Seduce my mind & you can have my body. Find my soul & I’m yours forever

xoxo, JC

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