Just a Few of My Lessons…I read this every few days

life lessons

-associate yourself with people of good quality

-make yourself simple but significant

-ignore a lot

-when ppl show you who they are, believe them the 1st time

-don’t have expectations

-If you have to cry, go outside

-don’t be reckless with other peoples heart

-if it is right, it happens

-don’t hurry

-be open to whatever comes next

-be curious, not judgmental

-say less..mean more

-don’t be easily defined

-be truthful but gentle

-don’t be afraid of making mistakes

-If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

-call yourself on your own bullshit

-do your best to forget

-its ok to not be ok

-refuse to be disrespected


-just because you feel it, doesn’t mean its there on the other side

-it is what it is, it was what it was

-pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

-doesn’t hurt to ask

-assume the good, doubt the bad

-only you tell & show ppl what you are worth

-never ruin an apology with an excuse

-we are what we repeatedly do

-laugh at yourself

I always add to this but just wanted to share.

xo – JC

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