The Decision

So,  we all have that person.  That person that makes you say “what if”.  They say… we all have that person.

I really didn’t think I had one.  I do.  And he’s back.

Now what?

He’s saying the right things but most importantly his actions are showing his changes.  Did he change because of you, no.  Did he change because of someone else, probably.  But…because he’s the “what if” in your life you want to think optimistically and say he did it on his own.  He’s the person that you saw in him this whole time.

So, do you put yourself out there?

We can make a pro and con list.  We can make excuses as to no but this is your “what if” person.  Do you let the other ones that are present now go?  Do you take the risk?  Do you ignore the doubts?


I’m strong.  I know I am.  The fact that I am debating this sucks.  But…it doesn’t make me weak.  I’m strong because I realize the only reason I’m debating it is because the first time around; I didn’t give him my all.  I was in my I’m staying single mentality.  I wasn’t myself.  I didn’t open up.

Do I do that now?


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  1. Rigged Ray says:

    Great blog but I am cold

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