I Love You

Those 3 words spoke together can do a lot.

I’m sure we’ve all said them when we didn’t mean it.  I know I have, I blame immaturity for that but also vulnerability in the moment.  This is something I will never do again.  I’m grown now.  I understand those 3 words are powerful, they are a decision maker, they are a whole lot of shit.

So, I don’t make promises to people but I do make them to myself.  Therefore,  next time I say these 3 words together & to a significant other.  I will “promise” to myself that it won’t be too soon, it won’t be because you said it first, it won’t be to get something I want, it won’t be because I’m missing something in my own life & it won’t be to make you feel better.

This time it will have nothing to do with me but all for you.

I love what you are, what you do, how you try.  

This time I will know you completely.

I love you for your great qualities but also for your not so great ones.

This time there will be no expectations.

I love you for who you are right now.  Not for what/who you can be.

xoxo, JC

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