Cuffing Season

This shit is real.

It begins right after the summer ends, when the little nip is felt in the air.

The flirty texts turn nicer.  The invites to hang out are more frequent.  The questions asked become more serious.

Be careful…it’s happening.  He or she are trying to pin you down for the season.  They are trying to cuff you.  Again, I say… shit is real.


You are in a relationship…oh wait, that’s strong let’s call it a date only one person stage or better yet, take one person more serious than the others you are dating stage.  I don’t know what to call it but –it’s real.

I thought I was “uncuffable” but that shit is even happening to me…and I’m aware…and I’m letting it happen.  I am fully aware…and I don’t mind it.  I like him.  I mean it’s only thru January, right?

Maybe it won’t be so bad.  Maybe feelings will just automatically end.  Maybe there is a pill to take to make sure of this?  If so, I need it and yes I’ll share it with you..


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