Letting Go…


I have always been able to let go of toxins easily…and by toxins I mean humans.  

I think I am good at this because I am able to assess & process.  I could probably thank my career for this. 

Now, don’t get me wrong …I go back & forth, I have head spinning emotions, ego crushing moments, food/booze binges, crying so hard I fear drowning times.  I am human. 

But at the end I take a situation for what it is..

I am able to say no

I am able to be selfish

Most importantly I am able to know when something isn’t best for me.  

I don’t have unrealistic expectations but I know some people may not be able to live up to even the simplest expectation.  Not every person that comes into my life will be who I want them to be in my life. Not every person that comes into my life will be capable of loyalty.

I also know I can’t change anyone and that people come & go.  

Oh…and just because I can let go -it doesn’t mean I don’t look back and run the emotions again.  But you sure as hell won’t know when I do that. 


Be strong -xoxo JC

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