Are you cared for?

First response…YES.

But think of it deeper…are you cared for by someone other than family?

We all have friends…these friends could be a part of your life for decades but do they care for you genuinely or has it became a habit/behavior to them.  When you tell them a story that means a lot to you do you feel they care about the outcome?

Personally, I’m not to sure if I’m cared for.

What does that mean? Am I at fault? Or is it just the way it is.

It is what it is

Are you cared for?


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  1. Lisa says:

    This is a tough one. One I have pondered myself at times. You can be surrounded by people that have known you your whole life, but do they know the you that exsists today, or are they stuck on the original you they met 10+ years before. And how is it that you can connect so strongly with someone you met recently, wether it be a co-worker or in-law, and think wow, in a matter of days or months, these people know me better than the long time friends, AND, are willing to do more for me or just check in with me they way I appreciate. There is a lot to be said for time, great memories that construct what our childhood and yourng adult years were, but, it can also create a void. I have questioned, if met this person today, would we be friends? Do I waste my time trying to resesitate friendships that may have faded years before if not for the time put in? Or, is it just growing pains in this phase? Can we grow apart and grow back together as if there was never a gap? At some point do these friends become more like family? The ones that though they can annoy you, irritate you or completely make a decistion you find crazy, you still have to love? So much to think and wonder about. And do they care about me? That is an open word. If I was in the hospital, they would probably be there, is that caring or is that habit/behavoir? Is caring measured by number of phone calls or times that they reach out just to see how you are? Is it measured by hours logged together? Is it just a sense, that no matter the time or space between you, in a moment that you needed them, they would be there? Do I think that they don’t care about me because maybe I don’t care about them the way I used to? There are so many measures and the most important ones to me seem to vary from day to day. As an adult I have made a conscious decision to be very selective in choosing those that I truly care about. I also know that caring words or actions often create a caring reaction. So, the real question for me is WHO do I choose to be caring towards? Because more than likely, they will be the ones who truly care for me.

    1. msjadore says:

      Yes yes yes. Much more eloquent than I put it but…just yes. Xo

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