I’m going to start this with saying – my daughter, up until the age of about 7-8 could only think in black and white because she hadn’t developed the cognitive skills required to see both sides of an issue or situation. Fast forward to 11 and I’m introducing her to gray and that it’s okay.

“Being in the gray” is looked at as a negative thing – as if not fair or not balanced. It’s ironic since the color gray matches with anything so why can’t the mindset of gray go with anything too?

You’ve heard the term “middle ground”… the color of that ground is gray; sometimes a light gray almost white or a dark gray almost black. You get close to the black and white but not quite there and it’s okay, in fact correct that you’re neither all in or all out. Maybe you have a toe in or maybe even a few toes but that heel is still on that gray like wait no hold up I’m not convinced.

I’ve always been one to sit back and relish in the gray of my life. I am one that thinks it is rare that most situations are truly clear without any gray area in the middle. And I am also the one that thinks if everything was that I’d be bored as hell.

Because I embrace the gray I’ve been called selfish and weird and I’m okay with both of those adjectives. You’ll also hear that because of this you aren’t loyal and that you should not be trusted on anything at all. Read that one a couple times – shit doesn’t even sound right. There are levels to life – levels to situations – levels to our thoughts; it is not black and white.

So yeah call me weird or selfish, that’s your opinion and that is never wrong because guess what an opinion is yours.

xo – JC

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