Social networks and our attention spans…

Social networks…shorten our attention spans. Yay or nay?

I can see why many would say yes, especially when it comes to me. But at the same time it depends on attention from what? Work, Love, Family?

Personally, I am a twitter-addict. I am aware and am not in denial.

My job is stressful; I negotiate with attorney’s, I speak to irate policyholders and medical providers. So yes, if I get off the phone from these kind of calls -I will get on twitter for release; for entertainment and a change of subject. But my job is my job, it will get done. So shorten my attention span for work, no. It does let me escape for a little but I’m right back to it.

Love..ask my current and he’ll say yes. He hates social networking BUT is on it himself but I guess not as often as me. I will release some tension from our relationship on there. Not to put people in our business because if they want to assume that is fine with me and their error not mine. Now can social networking assist me in ignoring/avoiding HECK YES but what’s wrong with that? I don’t see a problem with it. Reading other people’s problems make you realize yours aren’t that bad. Sounds horrible. I know.

Family..yes. I am constantly on my phone during family time. LOL, social networking is necessary for … Sanity -SIMPLE AS THAT.


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