Let’s Go Back

Let’s go back to the times where you actually have to see someone or call someone to catch up on their life.

Social media has taken over and no I’m not bashing it; I’m guilty of it but I want to get better WITHOUT it. Right now, I
scroll through my news feed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.. but how generic is that? Of course we aren’t going to post the bad or even all the good. Maybe we’ll post something for laughs, for attention or just a response to the topic of the day -that’s not really them, not really you, not really me.

I know we are busy -trust me I don’t even get “ME” time until about 9pm every weekday and by then it’s shower & sleep (and of course scroll). But if we’re too busy to talk or visit with a friend/family, aren’t we too busy to be on social networks?

I start looking down my friends list on Facebook and I’m like -dude we never talked in high school or college why are we even friends on this? Do we even care about each others lives or are we friends to see what’s going on in your life? To be nosey, what a horrible character trait but the majority us have it.

I want to know what’s happening in your life and while you are telling me I want to look in your eyes, I want to hear your voice change, I want to see your hand gestures, your facial expressions -all those things that make you, you.

I’m not saying I’m getting rid of social media. Quite frankly, its my escape -from mommy, from claims specialist, from myself. What I am saying is that I will make a conscious effort to reach out to those that I care about; I want to hear your voice, see your face -I want REAL connection back.

Don’t you?


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  1. Janylisse says:

    Someone is finally BACK!!!! Love this one, I am guilty as well. I do not talk to my family in Puerto Rico and I talked to my very best friend on the phone, AFTER 1 YEAR for the first time last night (because she deleted facebook). It is just out of control. Everything is about technology now days, texting, facebook msgs, jealousy over social media. I hate it! I have to admit that I am more vocal through txt msg than on the phone(if that makes any sense). This is a never ending argument between me and the boyfriend. Not that I am afraid to talk to him or any other person, not that idk what to say, I am VERY talkative (in-person). Through txt i just find it easier to collect my thoughts (as weird as it sounds). I do miss the old days, when you used to sit by the phone at your house and wait for that call. Talk on the phone until 4am, now you freaking TEXT until 4am. Have you also see how 10 back and forth txt msgs are a 2 minute conversation? Perhaps, LESS? Ok, i got it out of the system. Dont go on a blog hiatus again, KEEP ‘EM COMING!!! Also, post that one for parenting that we talked a while back. Would love to read it! XOXO -JQ

    1. msjadore says:

      I totally agree with all you said girl… but that doesn’t surprise me šŸ˜

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