The Questions

Many of us have been cheated on and if you haven’t fuck you. No but seriously, fuck you. Just kidding (not really) but it’s a pain that not even the best painkiller could help with. Your mind can think of nothing else and then enters the horrible questions that you really don’t want to know the answer to but you also do need to know especially if you are thinking of giving a second chance.

They are questions that you dare not ask because of your pride or just because it’ll sting that much more.

They are the questions that if you decide to forgive without knowing the answers to them will forever be in your head.

The questions that come to my mind are:
How often?
Better positions?
Tighter/bigger than me?
More creative?
Body more toned?
Do you cum harder?

Shit. Those could be some hard realizations if they are answered truthfully. The answers could break you and keep you from “getting over it”. The catch is they are also the questions that even if he/she answers them honestly; you already convinced your mind what the answer is. So why ask. Furthermore even knowing those answers the one question that will stay in your mind forever…

Why was I not enough?


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  1. Janylisse Q says:

    DAMN. Going Through this shit RIGHT NOW!

    1. msjadore says:

      Oh girl I am so sorry 😦 I hope you get through it as painless as possible. And if it comes with the realization y’all aren’t meant to be… keep it real. Maybe you can’t reach his standards and guess what, that is OKAY. You’ll meet someone elses 🙂 and vice versa. XO

      1. JQ says:

        So much that I could say right now after reading this! God knows that i could talk to you for HOURS right about now!! Someone that does not know me, that could care less, and that would see everything from the outside. My friends are very neutral, but they are more on my side (of course), and my mom TOTALLY on my side lol. I keep telling myself, life goes on!!!! Thank you so much darling!

      2. JQ says:

        PERHAPS, You DO know him. Since I keep finding out that half of Orlando does. -_______-

      3. msjadore says:

        I do know him…not in that way though and if we’re talking about same one… either way, I do care. I care about humans in general. And am here for you if you do wanna talk. I give great advice that I myself don’t follow 😳 hit my personal email if so

      4. JQ says:

        YOU KNOW HIM?????? no way!!!!! Seriously? nooooooooo way!!! I dont have your email 😦 🙂

  2. I know the feeling and I honestly haven’t been able to bounce back fully yet because of the fear that It will happen again. I found out the reason why I was cheated on and Im staying out of relationships for now to avoid it happening again. I can’t go through the mental pain anymore. The older I get the harder it is to trust and love again without fear of failure

    1. msjadore says:

      Please explain what was the reason WHY you were cheated on… and does it give it justification in your eyes?

      1. I’ve been cheating on in twice and both times for the same reason. They found someone with more money than me that could offer them material things that I couldn’t. It hurt like hell but if that’s the life the wanted, Im glad they found it. I would have preferred they ended it with me first instead of cheating on me but that’s life. I pleased them in every way possible except financially.

  3. msjadore says:

    I don’t see what avoiding relationships for now will benefit you. You shouldn’t reach a financial milestone unless YOU want it, unless YOU need it… don’t make it for a woman. There are women out there that could manage on their own. Maybe you need to do a better job getting to know them and filtering those ones out. GOOD LUCK 🙂

    1. You’re right, It shouldn’t prevent me from getting into another relationship but unfortunately being in a big flashy city I continue to run into the similar issue when I’m pursuing a lady here. So I decided to just take a step back and focus on me while God directs my path to the woman he has in store for me instead of me going out there looking. Everything will work out in God’s plan with God’s timing. I can’t rush it because I get lonely. I’ll rather be alone than be with the wrong person. 🙂

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