If you’re a follower of my blog this post will surprise you. I’m far from political but I am human. A human that bleeds red, bruises black (like all of us) and that continuously works on being kind, empathetic, compassionate, respectful and just decent to all. Yes, all… no matter their income level, education level and it’s not dependent on what my 401k looks like.

Listen, I “understood” how he won four years ago. I understood that people wanted a change. It took a while for me to say that last statement but I flirt with being the devils advocate and sometimes that means putting on someone else’s shoes and that’s what I did in this case. I don’t know if I’d say I’m at peace with him winning even four years later but I get that some voters wanted someone that wasn’t a lifelong politician, they wanted to try a “businessman” (air quotes for sarcasm). I was proven wrong, unfortunately – that wasn’t why they voted for him, they wanted a complete opposite of the President they just had for the last eight years. Was it because of the color of Barack Obama’s skin or his “radical” ideas to give Americans universal healthcare or his fight that we are all equal? This isn’t about 44 though but if interested and don’t ignore the publish date (https://washingtonmonthly.com/magazine/marchapril-2012/obamas-top-50-accomplishments/).

I say I was wrong because the supporters of Trump four years ago are still supporting him now.

We all have two sides, some of us unique ones have even more but I’m certain most of us can relate to two sides -the good and the bad, the angel and the devil. I’m sure you are aware of that other person inside you – the side that awakens the bad devil in us. The opposite of the one that was raised on “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. 45 has allowed people to feel the confidence maybe even the strength to forget about being kind, to hold your tongue and to be decent by caring for others feelings.

I can’t ignore, I can’t forget nor forgive Trump for a lot of things he has said, mocked, done or even what he has insinuated with his words and his actions. I mean we all know everything isn’t a lie, there is proof -from the many members of his team convicted of crimes, to the many people (not just women) including the mother of his children accusing him of various forms of abuse, to his blatant lies about his personal and professional life. Not to mention he is the visual billboard for condescension and narcissism and he basks in it.

So as I said I understand how he got elected. What I won’t understand is how those that voted for him could vote for him again. I won’t be the bigger person anymore, I’ve taken off your shoes and told my devil to shut up. I can no longer ignore that you are supporting a supremacist; and yes I purposely took out white from it because it’s more than just color. 45 is a supremacist in different ways not limited to race or sex.

I won’t “stand back and stand by” any longer.



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